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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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right now seven presidential hopefuls are hoping to boost their delegate counts. let's begin tonight with donald trump. the billionaire businessman is cementing his status as the clear front runner in the republican race. >> alabama, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, and virginia. texas was the biggest prize of the night and it appears texas senator ted cruz will walk away with all 155 delegates for his home state. >> here is a look at the results from the texas race. as you can see it's ted cruz who has emergeded the victor there with 42%. donald trump only coming in around 20% and mark rubio 3rd place. he is projected to win the race in oklahoma as well. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton is cruising to a near sweep of the super tuesday states. alabama, arkansas, texas,
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but it wasn't a clean sweep for clinton tonight. >> senator bernie sanders secured a massive win in his home state of vermdz. sanders has also picked up a win tonight in oklahoma. results are just starting to come in to thehe news room for the minnesota caucus. right now, though, it's bernie sanders winning 59% over hillary clinton's 40% but that's just with 6% of the reporting and again we told you those are just starting to come in. >> those results have been 2 news reporter kevin barry joins us from the news room now... now...with what the race looks like after the biggest day in the nomination process so far. tonight -- donald trump and hillary clinton clearly set sweepor either donald trump or hillary clinton really both of them cemented themselves as the clear front runner without a
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they both came in with large delegate leads. they were also able to comfort burglary add to those totals as well. we'll know exactly how much they added in the morning. we'll know exactly how dominant they were then. but they've already shifted their message to be much more tailered into election. the message was still clear. >> now, it's clear tonight that the states in this election have never been -- stakes in this election have nevev been higher ananthe redder rick we are hearing on the other side has never been better. >> make america great again is much better than making america whole again. >> reporter: we're still tracking all the latest results. but also link up with us tomorrow on cbs this morning
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overnight and some of the updated numbers as well. we have one story that keeps updating. kevin barry cbs 2 news 10 at 10:00 and last night's weather disturbance dumped 3"-6" of snow and today behehd that we had gusty winds and cold temperatures and it's only 16 out there right now and with the wind out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour our wind chill is 4 degrees. to the upper teens in the south where there is no snow on the ground. so quite a difference that snow cover makes and one system is pushing off to t t east of us and behind that a new one is taking shape. that one comes across the midwest tomorrow night and that will bring some additional white snow to eastern iowa. it looks like your temperatures will start in the teens and make it into the mid 30s. clouds increasing in the
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snow developing by the time wee get to the evening hours. >> all right terry cbs continues with more of the corridor's top stories for years now we've heard about the nation's crumbling infrastructure. >> in iowa there's one key concern that's grabbing a lot of attention. reporter joe huisinga has the story you'll only find on channel 2 news. >> reporter: the state has lifted number one with bridges lifted at strucucrally efficient. today we spoke with some of the people responsible for the bridges in our area to see what it means for our safety. >> reporter: iowa is having more than 5,000 bridges that are structurally deficient. but what does that mean? >> one or more of the c ctical elements of the bridge such as
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piers has a condition of poor or worse. >> reporter: cedar rapids natete campman says the terms not as bad as it sounds. >> some future maintenance and future rehabilitation in order to addrdrs those concernrn >> reporter: the report only lists two cedar rapids bridges as deficient. one at 8th avenue and one at mccloud run. >> we have one bridge that is listed as structurally deficient right now and that bridge is scheduled to be replaced this upcoming construction season. >> reporter: that's the bridge over mccloud run. in comparison the 8th avenue bridge has over 13,000 cars. while 8th avenue does have some problems they're more aesthetic than structural. the real problem with bridge
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linn county maintains 258 bridges with 19 listed at deficient. like this bridge over in bridge creek. deciding what bridges get worked on can be a challenge. >> we're still trying to figure out what to do with some of those big old bridges that are on very low volume roads. it's hard to put half a million dollar into ten cars a day. >> reporter: the work to maintain them is never really done. >> every two years we do inspect. and so every two years you get a new set of bridges that have problems with them. >> reporter: according to the report nearly 2000 new bridges ve been built in iowa since 2004 and 227 have under gone major reconstruction projects. in cedar rapids there are several bridges downtown that are slated for construction
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8th avenue bridge. cbs 2 news cbs 2 news has the latest developments in an audit of the state's 911 system. it appears several counties are having problems in reporting costs for dispatch centers across the state. they found severe weaknesses in tracking more than 120 million $120 million. under reported or over reported costs. about 1/4 of 911 costs are funded by a surcharge part of the state invasion model initiative. governor brown said and lieutenant governor reynolds says this will help make iowa one of the healthiest states in the nation. linn county public health is one of them
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medicaid health in iowa. and state lawmakers are still fighting to oversee the program. would put control of the program in lawmaker's hands. the over hall w w scheduled for debate today but leaders are now delaying that discussion. it's not yet clear when the senate will take up the issue again cbs 2 news is learning new details in the interference visin allegedly refused to pull over so deputies could question his stepson about a drunk driving hit and run.he blamed his actions on a diabetic, the university says visin reported the incident to his superior, but that information was not given to the iowa board of regents.visin is being considered as the permanent of regions. this is being csidered as the permanent head of the department now 10 at 10:00 continues.
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construction. today crews began clearing trees near the side of the new north liberty high school. the construction will impact north liberty road north of debuk street. this project is expected to take about four months in iowa city university of iowa are trying to keep up wage increases for student workers. the county wages increase does not apply as a state entity. the university tells cbs news reliesesn a large number of students to work in the department so it needs to pay an attractive wage cedar rapids businesses are celebrating food this week. food lovers are voting for their four favorite restaurants to take part in the dinner of champions next week line bridge brewery is
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now to cbs news 10 at 10:00. still too come tonight a long distance lesson in selflessness. the one trip a oup of students will take in iowa. >> spring-like temperatures will make a come-back here in iowa. saturday we're in the 40s. sunday we're in the 50s and nextt week i've gogo somom60s on the board. we'll talk more about that in your extended forecast. unfortunately short-term we do
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bring snow tothe white house heats up.hundreds
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states.tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning, we're tracking the most up-to-date numbers over-night and any details from the campaign triaiasee you at 5 a-m. hawkeye fans > chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now. >> yeah. and that's kind of where we thought it would go last night. remember we were talking about 10. it was a fine line and we can show you that right now. that 1" line just north of cedar rapids. you go about 15 miles north of here andnd you'll find snow covering the ground and really the 1" line ran well south of debuk just north of cedar rapids town. a lot of locations have 3"-5" of accumulation.
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of the state experiencing a few inches of snow that way. 4" amounts around new hampton and debuk coming in with about 3"3" of fresh snow last night. tonight the skies have cleared and we've got a cold night ahead of us. the ground. there's places in the northh t tt get down to around 5 degrees tonight. and after that we get another snow system tomorrow night. here's a look at our current temperatures and it is onl 7 at this hour in charles citit this issthe area that has the snow on the ground and you can see temperatures there tonight are about 10 degrees warmer than the areas of the south which do not have any snow cover. so an hour by hour forecast temperatures getting into the teens tonight and then we'll start climbing when the sun comes up. we'll reach the mid 30s tomorrow
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increase and as we get towards tomorrow evening sometime between 4:00 and 6:00 it looks like some snow should develop here in eastern iowa. last night's system has spun off to the east of us. winds gusting at 40 miles an hour. now we've cleared out the skies and got our cold tempepetures. southeast and come across the midwest and we expect an air of low pressure to work its way through missouri and central illinois. and tip it looks like this will be a pretty fast-moving system but i think there will be enough moisture for 1"-3" of snow if many parts of iowa. and at this time it does appear that snow will fall in some of the southern counties. and our predidior at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning shows us clear skies. but as we get towards noon
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then as we go through the rest of the afternoon those really start to thicken up. and then after 6:00 we'll start seeing snow and should accumulate in most areas. so your forecast tonight has lows of 7 in the north to 17 in the south. the clouds have left us now. for tomorrow expect some sunshine early in the day then the clouds increase and we'll keep it in the low 30s north with the snow cover. the rest of us mid or upper thirtsz and there is a chance of snow developing in the evening. extended forecast has that around tomorrow night. it's gone early thursday. after thatate start ourr warming trend and next week high temperatures should sort into the 60s in eastern iowa and it looks like it will stay nice and mild through most of next week a handful of cedar rapids students. >> six students for metro higher
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summer to help meet the basic needs at the pine ridge reservation. cbs reporter explains how this trip not only helps the native americans but the students that go too. >> yeah one teacher organized this entire group. they help on the reservation. so when we think of teenagers we might think of selfishness but these teens are choosing to change that perception and their own lives. >> teenagers have to have their phones. ago.going to the pineneidge servation to helelnative americans who live in poverty every day of their lives. lives. "they don't look at living on the reservation as something bad, they're always potive about everything." everything." "they y ve really, really significant poverty like we're talking about third-world poverty within a 10 hour drive."the person who made the eye-opening experience happen -- a language arts teacher at metro. metro. "i learned the true history what happened to
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is a manmade disaster for the reservation system and i felt a responsibility to be an advocate."so for two years, she's taken students with her. this is madison's first time. time."i'm really excited to get the perspective shift and just like the real world experience from going down there and seeing how they're living." living.""everyoyo has a story and i kind of want to hear it." it." "i would say every single person it has changed their lives, it's changed their perspective."since saige's first trip, she's graduated... but the course of her life has changed. changed. "after going this last time, i was like i want to be a teacher. these kids are so special and they need the love and the care from someone that will stay and have stability." the trip is funded solely through donations.we have information on the next fundraising event in april on our website.but they'll accept donations at any time for any amount.dora miller, cbs 2 news ten at ten next on c-b-s two news... news...the regina girls did
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13 years -- how a sophohore propelled the regals on t tthe semis regena girls did something they
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and now cbs 2 sports with
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savp hanley. >> the hawks went out andnd indiana must win their final game. iowa trailed by as many as 14. jared utah cuts the three and then nicholaus bear from downtown. game tied at 70-70. then look at the ball movement. to peter jock. hawk takes the leadd and the hawk's nest is alive. now the hooshiers would answer.
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come on cbs 2 lynn cedar 2 seasons western dubuque has reached the 4-a final -- but going off two seasons. the bobcats this week at state so the mission for the bob cats this week at state is simple bring home a title. 1st quarter the bob cats were up and running.
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megan moss was simply dominant. the future panther sinks the triple. 45-39. in 3a the drive for two of her seven points in the quarter. led by four after one ireland tossler with the bucket and the foul. ericka wool ridge was two on the clutch. cpu will face nevada in the semi. top pokehantas. and then the mustang feeder on the block. she finished with 20 points and 11 boards.
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game high 24 from her at mustang falls. 83-43. making it to state and regina go hand in hand. regina's last win at state was 13 years ago. they've got manson north. first quarter she dials along. 13 points in the first. so did manson northwest webster. then in the second a stop and pop for two of the 27. in boys hoops cedar falls battling it out. but jordan bo han nonroared back and then boan non let's it fly
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the three ties the game at 53-53 and it was tied at overtime and aj green calling clutch. he beats the buzzer. 76-74 the final in ot. round three between city and in west. mike martin spinning and scoring. but west would amp up the d after that. out in transition. devontae lane lays it up and in and west. moves on to state 50-30.
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the rams knocked off let's recamp the big winners in tonight's super tuesday let's recap the big winners races. donald trump cementing his status as the clear front runner in the republican race. >> the billionaire is projected winner in alabama, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, and virginia. >> texas senator ted cruz picked up wins in texas and oklahoma. senator bernie sanders picked up a massive win in vermont and the colorado caucus. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton is couraging to a near sweep of the super tuesday states. right now sheas claimed victories in alabama, texas, georgia, tennessee. it's the florida senator's first win of the night. of course we will have a
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morning on cbs 2 this morning starting at 5:00 a.m. and of course you can get results as they come in real time on >> weather real quick terry clouds should be increasing and tomorrow night snow moves into eastern iowa and it looks
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much as 3" of >> jon: stephen colbert!
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captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! thanks, everybody! thanks so much! welcome to "the late show." nice to see you. what's going on? ( cheers and applause ) thanks, everybody. thanks, so much. welcome to "the late show." i'm stephen colbert. ladies and gentlemen, i don't know if you know this, but there's news coming from the world of coffee th hasot some folks a little bit jittery. starbucks has announced-- it just came out-- that next year they will open their first store in italy. finally, they will have


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